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  • Company OOO "SEPTORG"
  • Moscow, Shvernikа St., 17, korp. 3
  • Phone: +7 (965) 155-06-07, +7 (916) 854-50-21
  • Email: info@greentea.ru
  • We work mon-Fri 9:00-18:00

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About us

At the end of 1996 for the first time we were faced with the task of placing orders for overseas factories associated to the production of tea and its subsequent importation into Russia.

The success of such deliveries over the next 20 years allowed her to develop certain skills and experience and has also attracted other customers interested in the operational import of goods from abroad.

In the entire history of our operation we were able to provide reliable foreign trade deliveries, both within the small orders, and in the framework of realization of large commercial projects.